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February 02, 2009


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David Pryor

Very encouraging brother.

Much of this false idea of humility is connected with the fact that we Christians seek to be seen as "reasonable" among men.

Watch this video and you'll get the idea.


We are inoculated to think the way Rob Bell thinks. This video is completely contrary to what a christian must be.

We are to be the bull horn guy!

(Note: After watching this video and being tempted to sympathize with Bell:

The greatest heresies always involve ninety percent truth).

Pat Hart

Encouraging post, I'm always a bit surprised and shouldn't be when I'm discussing things wiht people and you know they've turned you have, and can see the disdain in their eyes. Not to be too dramatic, but oh the many times I've seen the look.

Brendan Paxton

I thoroughly enjoyed this. I have actually been struggling with the humility/arrogance concept for awhile now, but haven't really formed it into words or even a direct path of thought. Thanks for sharing, man.

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