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April 19, 2009


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Mike Edwards

Right on. Not sure what else I can say. Thanks for posting this.

The Beast

Very good post, Sir. Along with Mike Edwards, not sure what else I can say.

Michael Foster

Thanks guys!

Hmmm...I need to figure out how to write post that are more dialogue-generating!

Ryan Benhase

At least it's not 25 paragraphs long.

Michael Foster

One day, Ryan! Just you wait and see! I'll be able to write long posts like you!


Absolutely. I think your point is especially true for those who are in "full time ministry." It's very difficult to get past how I can use this sermon or teaching for others and actually apply it to oneself.

Stephen C.

Could you please cite a reference for the Kierkegaard quote? It's not that I don't believe he said it, I would just really like to know where it is from. Thanks.

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